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It's No Secret - Behind The Song

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Hi y'all! I thought I'd share some background info on my song "It's No Secret" because it has been in the works for a while.

Me in 2017 on my cabin couch writing "It's No Secret"

I started writing this song back in August 2017 while at my cabin (cozy shack with no running water) in the East Kootenays, British Columbia with my girlfriend at the time. I remember feeling some kind of pull to write a song one evening. I hadn't written a song intended for just me and not my other band in a long time. I came up with the hook, melody and lyrics quite quickly but spent a good time on the phrasing so everything jived. I also remember feeling zero pressure to be fancy with the chords or harmony and not being scared to write lyrics in a lighthearted manner. Of course I still wanted to impress my partner, whom the song was about!

After writing the chorus and the first verse, I didn't touch the song until February 2019. I had been very busy working on the Carter & the Capitals record which was primarily recorded in Vancouver. I also remember those years between being very hazy and a bit dark. I was very focused on myself and my work, but not in a healthy way. This led me to neglect many people around me and especially my girlfriend. Looking back, I wasn't writing many songs out of enjoyment or just for the pleasure of writing.

I had planned on finishing "It's No Secret" as a gift for my girlfriend on Valentines Day but was unable to finish writing the song before my trip to Los Angeles for a music conference and to visit a few friends. Upon arrival home, I was told by my partner that our relationship was over. Although, it shouldn't have come as a complete shock thinking back, it very much did to me at the time. The second verse of the song mentions "coming home from Hollywood to see you" and lines like "but the sun's setting now" to allude to that moment in time where I finished the back half of the song in a completely different mindset.

"Want you to sit with me / and watch the waves at Windandsea" (LaJolla, CA)

I am surprised and excited that the song took on an entirely new feel when tracking this with the band. I enjoy how the first and second verses come from separate moments in my life and make each chorus (although hooks remain the same) feel and sound different to me.

I tried to keep the energy up by writing a powerful guitar solo. This was one of the only guitar solos I think I've written and it really challenged me to create something driving but still memorable. Trevor McNeely tracked it on the record and really made it SING!

I like songs taking on different meanings by different listeners and I hope "It's No Secret" continues to do so, but I just wanted to share a bit of the story behind it that I find interesting!

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